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Watch: Crazy back-and-forth play during Texas high school football game

High school football is always reliable for producing highlight-worthy moments, but what unfolded in the Texas District 4-5A Division 1 matchup between Mansfield Summit and Richland is an all-time gridiron “Say what?!” masterpiece.

Let’s go to the tape:

If you’re scoring at home, that’s a pass attempt from Royals’ Cole Benson to Jay Rhinehart…with the ball bouncing off a defender’s helmet (worn by Ahmaad Moses)… and then, defensive back Sean Smith snagging the ball for an interception.

Smith runs out of the end zone, a full head of steam…but gets stripped near the 15-yard line…it’s a fumble!

The Royals’ Mark Zamora recovers and rumbles toward the end zone, where a defender meets him, and, oh man…another fumble!

But wait! It’s…Rhinehart, who was still near the goal line from the beginning of the chaos. He recovers the ball for…a touchdown!


The hommage to Hot Potato would be Richland’s final score of the game. Although it wasn’t enough to overcome the undefeated Jaguars, the moment won the night—2020 high school football’s wildest moment?—even gaining notice on SportsCenter

To cap it all off, the Richland Royals had a little fun with it too, adding a classic zinger to a now-classic 19 seconds.

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