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Most career home runs in high school baseball history

High school baseball fields have been a launching pad for talented hitters throughout history, with a few players compiling nearly unthinkable long-ball totals during their career.

What’s the record total?

Not surprising, many at the top of the statistical vault played high school ball during the 1990s and the beginning of the millennium — when the aluminum-composite bats were crafted with larger barrels and weight-length ratios that produced 400-foot blasts off the handle.

But that does not detract from the hitter’s record, as there’s still something to be said about…well, hitting a baseball. In any era. With any bat.

So, stepping to the plate, here the all-time home run leaders in high school baseball history.

(Note: These totals are based on the spring baseball season. And, of course, there is always controversy involved, e.g., the top two.)



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