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Exclusive Q&A: Jeffrey Jordan on the inspiration for inaugural ‘NFT JAM’ Tournament

The ’90s holds rank as arguably the greatest decade that ever was or will be. Part of the spectacle was the pinnacle of basketball culture led by the most prominent athlete of all time – Michael Jordan – who revolutionized the game in countless ways. 

And now, Jordan’s son Jeffrey is following in his footsteps by redefining the fine art of the business of basketball

Jeffrey is the co-founder of HEIR, which is hosting a venture in Atlanta next month featuring some of the top high school basketball players from around the country. It’s a two-on-two tournament called NFT JAM, which takes its cue from the smash-hit arcade game NBA Jam and puts a modern Web 3.0 spin on it. 

Here’s what Jeffrey Jordan had to say about his new project in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY High School Sports.

Obviously NBA Jam is an inspiration, but where did the idea for NFT JAM come from?

Jeffrey: Our team wanted to find a unique way to bring together basketball culture and Web3 while also educating the next generation about the Web3 space.

NFT JAM is a concept that has never been done before. It’s a two-day experience that will see 18 of the top high school student-athletes descend on Atlanta for both educational Web3 workshops and an innovative, unique and competitive basketball tournament.

As high school hoopers, we’ll provide them with the Web3 tools they need to own their digital brands and engage with Web3 communities. The NFT JAM tournament is inspired by ’90s basketball culture and the iconic NBA JAM video game. We’ve created this unique 2 vs. 2 full-court format that will showcase future stars in an environment that fans have never seen before.

Are you able to offer some names of players who will be participating?

What’s the prize for the tournament winners?

Jeffrey: This year the winning team will be able to claim themselves with bragging rights as the first-ever NFT JAM champions. As an annual experience, we’ll continue to evolve and grow the tournament and provide unique and innovative approaches to award the winning team.

Why did you choose to do the event in Atlanta?

Jeffrey: Atlanta has a storied basketball history and continues to be a hub for both business and culture. HEIR also has community members based in Atlanta (Anthony Edwards, who is from ATL, recently partnered with HEIR for a membership experience as well). 

Can you tell me a little more about Web23 House?

Jeffrey: The Web23 House is an extensive day of Web3 programming for all 18 student-athletes participating. Each player is partnering with HEIR as part of our NIL and brand ambassador program. At the Web23 House, student-athletes will be provided with Web3 educational resources and workshops. The players will be a part of the NFT Jam experience on the HEIR platform, and their membership pass will provide rewards including members-only content, autographed memorabilia, giveaways, and event access at the NFT JAM tournament.



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