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BLAST puts emphasis on integrity with two new regulations

The BLAST Premier has strengthened its integrity protocols for online matches after introducing two new regulations to its rulebook.

These changes include coaches being required to stream their own POV into a discord channel, provided during all the matches. Moreover, coaches will also have to run MOss, an anti-cheat system, during the fixtures to ensure that integrity is upheld at all times.

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MOss was created in 2010 by Nohope92 with the intention of assisting ‘free games development in online games’. After BLAST matches are concluded coaches are required to send the MOss file to the tournament organiser, via a provided google drive within 30 minutes.

The changes were publicly announced by Robert Mulgan, Esports Operations Manager at BLAST.

Regarding the changes, he tweeted: “Although this isn’t a perfect system it’s a fantastic step forward in improving the integrity of online games, and will give us more evidence if we need to review cases!”

Integrity within the shooter has become a hot topic during October, due to news that the ESIC found 37 CS:GO coaches guilty of deliberately triggering a bug within the game.

The coaches were given sanctions, which are applied across ESIC member organisations such as BLAST. As a result, the individuals are prevented from joining official match game servers, communicating with the players 15 minutes before and after a match, and participating in the map veto process.

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BLAST’s new rules officially came into force ahead of its Premier Fall Series, which commenced earlier this week.

Esports Insider says: The new rule changes implemented by BLAST will undoubtedly strengthen its integrity process and help prevent match-fixing. CS:GO took a heavy hit to its reputation due to ESIC’s announcement last month and so it’s good to see multiple tournament organisers looking to bolster their regulations to ensure that a similar situation is never repeated.

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