Preventing Sexual Violence On Campus: Conducting Background Checks On Student-Athletes

Sexual violence against women remains a major area of concern on college campuses. A number of studies have shown between 10% and 26% of college women experienced some form of nonconsensual sexual contact during their college career. Further, the effects of sexual violence can be dangerous and devastating. College women who have experienced sexual assault were more […]

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Study: Collegiate Esports Is Booming, But Women Are Being Left Behind

Varsity esports programs are rapidly expanding onto the collegiate scene, but women players are being left behind, according to a North Carolina State University (NCSU) study, “Gender and the Two-Tiered System of Collegiate Esports,” published earlier this month. While casual, club-level esports teams remain diverse, the study found that varsity-level teams — notably those which […]


Case Study: Finding The Next Great Head Coach

Three different fictional NCAA Division I institutions – Spruce University, Desert Valley College, Bluewater A&M University – are searching for a new men’s basketball head coach.  Each school has completed a needs assessment describing their unique local context.  The case study compels participants to work in groups and engage in issues of human resources, organizational […]

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Jackson State Names Deion Sanders Head Football Coach

Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was named head football coach at Jackson State University, an HBCU based in Jackson, Mississippi, according to The Associated Press. Deion Sanders Sanders is currently the offensive coordinator at Trinity Christian School-Cedar Hill in Texas.  This will be his first stint as a head football coach. Acting Jackson […]


Expert’s Roundtable: Football Game Operations Amidst The Pandemic

With the collision of COVID-19 and the return of football, AthleticDirectorU chats with a number of facilities, events and operations leaders on changes to game day routines, real-time operational adjustments, communication, post-game wrap-up meetings, improvements moving forward and more.   How was your game day routine (arrival time, meetings, sequence of the day, execution, departure, […]


College Athletics Social Media Rankings

Now more than ever, social media is instrumental towards achieving success in college athletics.   Social media is a powerful tool not only for fans, but also for active and former student-athletes as well as prospective recruits and students. For many, social media is at the forefront of news consumption, communication and entertainment on a […]

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Coach John Thompson, Jr. in Retrospect

Coach John Thompson, Jr. died on August 30, 2020, at the age of 78.  He redefined college basketball and challenged stereotypes of Black masculinity and mental aptitude.  ESPN host Michael Wilbon called him a mentor and a master teacher. Thompson’s journey began on September 2, 1941, in the segregated housing projects of Washington, DC’s Anacostia […]