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Is TFT coming to mobile? Release date, items and more

Teamfight Tactics (TFT), the autobattler mode of Riot Games for the League of Legends, is coming to mobile, the company announced during its recent 10-year anniversary stream.

A Riot developer introduced the mode by acknowledging that fans were begging for a mobile version by the company knows. She’s even poked fun at Blizzard’s “do you not have phones?

It cames after huge success of the Call of Duty mobile launch in early September.

Exit from BlizzCon 2018 and said,” It turns out you guys have tablets. “TFT will have its own software for Apple and Android smartphones and Windows edition cross-platform games.

In early 2020, Riot will launch TFT on the Apple and Google Play platforms.

The good news is that in December Riot will conduct “a few betas,” meaning viewers won’t have to wait that long.

Players can now pre-registerfor Android’s TFT phone trial, with shortly to come the test for Apple devices.


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