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Larry Bird Mural Decked Out With Tattoos to Get Serious Makeover

An Indiana mural featuring Larry Bird covered in tattoos will have most of the fictional ink removed.

Celtics legend Larry Bird was not a fan of the tattoos street artist Jules Muck added to her mural, so she has agreed to remove all but one of the pieces of fictional ink, according to Dana Hunsinger Benbow and David Linquist of the Indianapolis Star.

Muck’s mural featured a rendition of a photo of Bird in his powder-blue Indiana State jersey from a 1977 Sports Illustrated shoot, but reimagined Bird with a bevy of tattoos up and down his arms and on his face.

Bird’s lawyer noted that Bird doesn’t have a problem with tattoos, but doesn’t want to be depicted with them himself. All of the ink except for the word “INDIANA” written on Bird’s left forearm will be covered.

“Larry deserves some sort of prestigious mural,” Muck told the Indy Star. “That’s not my calling. That’s not what I’m here to do. I just wanted to have a little fun.”


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