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Lonzo Ball Honors African American Icons With Tattoo Sleeve

Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Malcolm X complete Ball’s sleeve.

Lonzo Ball debuted a new tattoo sleeve on his left arm that honors some of the nation’s greatest African-American heroes over the last two centuries.

Designed by artist Steve Butcher, Ball’s sleeve begins with the phrase “The Marathon Continues” and features a flag behind a host of American icons. Ball honored President Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. on his new sleeve, as well as Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Malcolm X.

The “marathon continues” phrase may have been a tribute to Nipsey Hussle’s popular mantra after the late rapper viewed his work and life as a marathon and in it for the long haul.

Ball showed off a portion of his new sleeve during a photoshoot with the Pelicans on July 17.

Ball and his new sleeve will be in New Orleans in 2019-20. The former No. 2 overall pick was traded from the Lakers to New Orleans in June as part of the Anthony Davis trade. 


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