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BIG3 Releases New Mental Health Policy To Assist Players

Players will consult medical experts on matters related to mental health.

One day after the NBA’s announcement of expanding their mental health programs, the BIG3 has followed suit with a new policy of its own. 

The policy contains seven articles that explain the BIG3’s understanding and focus on making sure players are properly taken care of. One statement from the release reads, “We recognize that our players are human, not superheroes and that we all encounter a variety of life struggles–from general stress and anxiety to acute crisis and chronic health conditions.” 

The league will consult medical experts to help players with issues related to mental health. 

DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love are two NBA stars that have spoken out about their issues with mental health. In response to the NBA’s new policy, Kevin Love tweeted, “A major win for players, coaches, and organizations moving forward–also want to note the potential it has to help our players in life after basketball.”

Royce White, who plays in the BIG3 for Enemies, has previously voiced his concerns about mental health issues. White didn’t play with the Rockets his rookie season despite being chosen with the 16th overall pick after a stalemate with the organization on the handling of his mental health. 

“There was nothing but consensus and support from the collaborators within the BIG3 and the participants from the mental health community,” White said in a response to the BIG3’s decision on Twitter. “Truly the most special thing I’ve been apart of in my life.”


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